Porlex Handmolen groot (Engels talig)

The conical burrs are fully adjustable for different grind types with a clicking knob under the bottom burr. 
The entire body is stainless steel and all the parts fit together very well. 
There is a spring located in the grinding mechanism that pushes the bottom burr down 
which will help you obtain a more even grind when grinding coarse. 
The flange underneath the burrs adjusts how fine or coarse your grinds will be. 
Turning it to the right will tighten it and create finer grinds. 
About 7 to 8 clicks back from the tightest position will give you a medium grind. 
We recommend you experiment and discover what settings are best for your brewing needs. 
This stainless steel grinder is an excellent choice for those grinding coffee on the road, camping, at the office, etc.

The capacity for for whole beans is 44 grams (about 1/2 cup). 
That's enough for 2-4 cup brews. 
Of course you can refill and grind more for larger amounts.


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